July 23, 2015: Table Mountain

I wish I had photos of the Table Mountain trail. Certain sections were very challenging and it'd be great to share photos of them, but I was too busy struggling up or down those stretches to take photos.

The summit as seen from the trail, with a decent amount of hiking still to go.

At the summit

Looking down over a sharp drop-off

A glimpse of Mount Jefferson (I think)

A glimpse of Mount St. Helens

Nearly back at the trailhead (the hike, including our time relaxing on the summit, took just over 7 hours)

My hands are dirty from grabbing onto the rocks on the way down, except for the purple bits... which are from eating blackberries (right off the vine and into my mouth!) growing at the trailhead.

A distant view of Table Mountain from across the gorge.

The last two photos are from July 25, 2015. I took them on the flight home. In the photo below, you can see Mount Hood poking through the clouds on the right. The bump above and to the left is Mount Adams.

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