Zion National Park (Days 2, 3, and 4)

Taylor Creek Trail (~2 miles, ~500 ft elevation gain)

Catching a break in a rare shady spot on a hot, cloudless day.

A neat (and off the trail) miniature waterfall coming out of the middle of the rock.

Double-arch alcove (at the end of the Taylor Creek trail)

Drive-up view of the Kolob Canyons

The next photos are from Canyon Overlook trail, back in the main canyon of Zion National Park

The remaining photos are from Observation Point trail (~8 miles, 2100 ft elevation gain). We didn't take any photos until we got to the top, so these next photos are all from the top (i.e., Observation Point).

There were a ton of eager chipmunks at the top.

A look back at part of the trail to the top.

Note the trail cut into the side (that particular spot was terribly windy--a rough, gravel-filled wind--on the way up).

Super zoomed-in shot of the hikers on Angel's Landing.

The rest of the photos were taken on the hike back down from Observation Point.

This spot of the trail was pretty cool. The photos don't do it justice.

Goodbye shot of the main canyon in Zion National Park.

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