Zion National Park (Day 1)

Driving into the park

The next few photos are from Emerald Pools trail. This first one is of a rattlesnake we saw on the trail.

Upper Falls of Emerald Pools trail

This snake was chasing a lizard that was ran over Steve's foot. It was startling (to put it lightly) when the snake came flying out of the brush above us, aimed right at Steve. The snake seemed as starled as we were, however.

Looking into the main canyon of Zion National Park.

A cool mini-canyon on the Scouts Lookout trail. The rest of the photos on this page are from the Scouts Lookout trail (~4 miles, ~1100 ft elevation gain).

Swarms of people on the Scouts Lookout trail (it was Memorial Day weekend, after all)

At Scouts Lookout

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