Lugu Lake, China
Day 2: May 21, 2008

We hired the owner of our hostel (Husi Teahouse) to take us for a drive around the lake, which took the whole day. During the drive we went to the Sichuan side of the lake (Lugu Lake is on the border of the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces).

A local woman took us for a boat ride and sang while rowing. This was one of my favorite moments of the trip.

Our driver/hostel owner stopped so we could take pictures. He was really cool.

Hostel owner and Andrea talking. His earring was cool.

Classic Chinglish.

The little boy had the most runny nose I've ever seen.

We watched the sunset from the tables outside our hostel, where Sunny bought us beer and Andrea talked with a government person who was curious about her opinion of China.