Lijiang, China
May 19, 2008

Old Town of Lijiang

The street outside of the bus station.

Outside of Mama Naxi Inn & Guesthouse, the hostel we stayed at while in Lijiang.

Every corner of Lijiang was filled with shops or someone selling something. A small canal system ran throughout the old town, visible on the right.

There were small dogs wandering all around Lijiang's old town.

This photo was taken by two girls (Kalila and Berney were their English names, I think) who were local university students majoring in English. They liked us and accompanied us through Black Dragon Pool Park, took us to their university, took us to a dam, and took us to a temple (which was closed, unfortunately) before finally parting. They were excited to meet foreigners with whom they could practice their English.

Black Dragon Pool Park

There was a temple inside this dragon (the entrance was the mouth).

This watermill was between the girls' university and a dam, and they regularly turn the watermill for fun. (I am turning it with them, invisible in the back.)

These trees grew out of the water!

Mama Naxi's hostel was occupied by many cute dogs (and cats, although they were less social).