August 17,18, and 19 2008: The village of Tahsis, the Leiner River Estuary, and Headbay Wildlife Viewing

(We also went kayaking the morning of the 18th, but I didn't take any pictures.)

The village of Tahsis

The view of the Tahsis Inlet from our motel.

Westview Marina in Tahsis

People cleaning and gutting fish

Tahsis sunset

There was a helicopter in front of our motel (I forgot to take a picture in the daylight)

Leiner River Estuary Trail (August 18, 2008)

This sign was at the beginning of the trail and put us on edge the entire time. After we had been there for about an hour, we were heading back to a wildlife viewing spot when we heard a low grunt and russle in the bushes, followed by a high-pitched squeal. Assuming it was a bear (which it likely was), we turned around and hurried out of there.

A wildlife viewing spot at the Leiner River Estuary

Is Steve squinting from the sun or bemoaning the camera? You decide.

Something, probably a bear, clearly took a bite out of this fake duck (and was very disappointed).

Animal tracks in the mud. Bear? Cougar? Dear? Sasquatch?

The Tahsis library hours. Open 3 days a week for ~4 hours each day... Small village.

A trail at West Bay Park in Tahsis

Blink and you'll miss the squirrel.

The Tree to Sea Drive (August 19, 2008)

Head Bay Wildlife Viewing (we saw a deer, and that's it)

There's the deer.

Maladaptively unafraid deer on the Tree to Sea drive

Somewhere on the way from Tahsis to Victoria

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