Tahsis (August 17, 2008): The hike to The Lookout and Coral Cave

Good morning, Tahsis!

The trail to The Lookout, Part 1

We were planning to hike to The Lookout but weren't sure how to get there, so we thought we'd drive to the trailhead. The road and trail are actually one and the same, but the road is a logging road and our small rental car could not handle it. So, we drove a short distance, realized it was impossible, took some pictures, then drove back to town and hiked it from the very bottom.

The Tahsis Inlet

Inadvertant self-portrait


A chupacabra/bear hybrid.

The hike up to the The Lookout and Coral Cave (5 hours total roundtrip)


First view of the Tahsis Inlet during the hike

A refreshing creek/waterfall we found during the hike. It was a great place to take a break during the strenuous uphill climb. I ran out of water on the way back and filled up my bottle at the waterfall (didn't taste as good as Campbell River, by the way).

The Lookout! We made it!

The trail from The Lookout to Coral Cave (we wanted to get back before sunset, so we only went about 3/4 of the way before turning around)

We saw a bear on the way down. The black spot is bear poop.

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